Managed Identity Services

Managing digital identities, without the right tools, people and processes in place is complicated and error prone. With the rapid adoption of cloud-based applications and services, the typical enterprise defense perimeter is breaking down, prompting many organisations to rethink traditional approaches to managing their digital identities. Consequently, as organisations embark on transforming their IT environments to keep pace with business demands, it is increasingly important to maintain control and oversight over who is accessing their sensitive data, without impacting an employee’s ability to do their job. Failure to properly identify who is accessing what data in your organisation can lead to catastrophic consequenses if your data ends up in the wrong hands.

Many organisations struggle to attract and retain staff, who possess the skills and experience needed, to expertly operate and maintain the identity products and controls they use.


Assertiv Consulting’s Managed Identity Services provides the technical expertise and experience you need to ensure your digital identities are secure, and the right people have access to the right information at the right time.

We become part of your technical team and manage your identity system with you. Utilising our team of identity experts who can help you fully utilise the features/functions of your identity system, the way it was designed. If you don’t have an Identity Management solution in place, we can help to select and implement the right solution, and operate and maintain it for you as well.


Our trained and certified team of Identity Engineers provide ongoing oversight and proactive monitoring of your Identity environment to ensure it remains secure and fully optimised at all times.


Our continuous improvement approach will ensure your Identity service will evolve to meet the ongoing demands of your business. Whether it is streamlining and automating your Identity processes or onboarding new business applications, make the best use of your Identity solution as your requirements change.


Solving complex identity challenges requires a comprehensive identity solution, not just products. Our Managed Identity Services will save you time and money in the long run, and deliver a compelling return on investment for your business.

Flexible and convenient service offerings that are tailored to your business needs

We have a range of Managed Identity Service offerings that can be tailored to complement your hours of operation, as well as the type of Identity services you require.  Whether you require business hours support, a 24/7 service operation for a Support Desk, or a comprehensive Managed Service where we operate and maintain the Identity solution on your behalf; we can provide a Managed Service that meets your specific requirements.

Need some help getting your Identity System working the way it should be?

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Assertiv Consulting’s Managed Identity Services include the following IT Service Management capabilities

Incident Management – supported by a web based ServiceDesk Portal to log, track and resolve events that disrupt or have the potential to disrupt the digital identity service.


Problem Management – problems can be identified, investigated, and resolved in the system through underlying issues that are correlated with the root cause of service incidents.


Change Management – formal change management processes are defined and used to control the lifecycle of any change that impacts the identity system.

Knowledge Management – a working knowledge of the identity system is accumulated over time and the Knowledge Management tool serves as a repository for this information.


Operations Management (BAU) – day to day operations and management of the identity system including activities such as the Joiner Mover Leaver process, Certification campaigns, Separation of duties control, Access requests, Policy setup and control, Reporting, Role creation and management, Privileged Access Management.


Application Onboarding – onboarding new applications into the identity system enables employees to gain immediate access to the applications, based on their role within the company.

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