Legacy Migration

Our Legacy Migration Service Offering is designed to help organisations migrate from an outdated, on-premises Identity system to a modern Identity Solution that is feature rich, secure and less complicated to operate and maintain.


Take advantage of the latest productivity features and security enhancements by migrating to a modern Identity System

Reduce Costs

Increase your return on investment and realise ongoing cost savings by utilising modern, efficient and feature rich technologies and usage models.

Be Supported

Have confidence that your chosen Identity System is fully supportable using out-of-the-box features rather than paying extra to support a customised legacy solution.

Why now is the right time to migrate your legacy Identity System to a modern Identity Solution – Your Way

Are you stuck on a legacy Identity System that’s causing problems for your business? Could it be leading to…

If your Identity System stops working do you have the knowledge and skills to get it back online? Or have those skills left the company? Assertiv Consulting can help you support your current legacy system while we help you create a roadmap forward, with confidence.

Many companies defer upgrading their Identity System due to cost, time or complexity, and end up being stuck on a version that is no longer supported by the vendor. Eventually it becomes easier to migrate to a newer modern Identity System rather than trying to upgrade what you have.

Modern Identity Systems include features designed to take the pressure off your internal Helpdesk and IT resources, such as self-service password management, automated access requests, application integration and single sign-on. Do your business a favour by migrating to a modern Identity System, so that your Helpdesk can focus on solving real problems.  

Your Identity System was probably state-of-the-art when you first implemented it, but technology has quickly evolved and so have your business requirements. Modern Identity Systems are designed to address the business challenges of today and into the future. With enhanced security, automation, cloud computing, self-service, AI/ML and many other enabling technologies built-in to future-proof your Identity System.

Are your users requesting access to new business applications? You may find that your legacy Identity System doesn’t have the ability to integrate these applications into your environment, meaning you are forced to run them as a separate stand-alone application. Modern Identity Systems support the latest standards and protocols to enable secure user provisioning and single sign-on to leading business applications.   

If your users need to work remotely but your legacy Identity and Access Management system doesn’t provide secure, risk-based access and single sign-on capabilities, then it’s time to migrate to an Access Management System that enables your remote workforce without compromising your security.

Moving away from a legacy Identity System, that has been in place for years, can be a daunting task. But investing more money, time and resources in keeping the current system running is also unsustainable. We have the knowledge and experience to help you migrate off your legacy Identity System in a methodical, risk-averse way, freeing up your internal resources and finances to be better utilised elsewhere in your business.

Interested in Legacy Migration?

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What is a Legacy Migration?

In the context of Identity Management, a Legacy Migration is the process of replacing an outdated, on-premises system with a modern Identity solution that is feature rich, secure and less complicated to operate and maintain. 


Migrating to a modern Identity solution provides the opportunity to take advantage of the latest digital technologies in the cloud, on-premises, or by utilising a hybrid-cloud approach to deliver the capabilities and features required by the business, in a secure easy-to-use manner.


Many of the legacy Identity systems used in organisations today are no longer covered under maintenance and support agreements, and the technical expertise needed to diagnose and resolve issues with these systems is hard to find. As a result, one of the biggest concerns that organisations have when considering a legacy migration is how to migrate from their existing system to a new, modern Identity solution without impacting the business. Assertiv Consulting can help you migrate your Identity system without impacting your business operations – It’s what we do!

Assertiv Consulting’s Expertise and Experience

Assertiv Consulting have the expertise and experience to help you migrate from your existing Identity System to a modern Identity solution that can meet your business requirements today and into the future. We have developed processes and methodologies over many years to cater for every scenario in order to mitigate the risks associated with migrating your Identity System.


We leverage best practices developed from multiple migration projects, as well as utilising our tried and tested Project Delivery Methodology to accelerate your Legacy Migration. Assertiv Consulting have developed partnerships with industry leading Identity, Governance and Access Management vendors throughout the world. 

Our technical Consultants are the best in the industry, with decades of experience helping customers design and implement the right Identity solutions for their requirements.


Whether you just need to move away from an old, outdated Identity System to one that’s supported and secure, or you have additional requirements that need to be addressed, Assertiv Consulting have the skills and experience to advise you about the right solution.


No matter where you are on your Identity journey, we can advise you regarding the best options available. Reach out for an obligation free discussion with one of our team members today.

What’s included in the Assertiv Consulting 

Legacy Migration Service Offering?

Requirements Workshops to identify your current and future business and technical requirements


Strategy and Planning to define a target state for your Identity solution and create a migration roadmap and business case


Design document to create a technical specification for building the new solution and a migration method to get you there

Implementation and Testing of the new Identity System and migration of your legacy solution to the new system


Support Services through training and knowledge transfer, warranty support, change management and ad-hoc services to assist you with your evolving technology requirements


Other Identity Modernisation services, such as Cloud Migration, Identity Optimisation or Identity Enhancement may also be of interest

The Benefits of a Legacy Migration

Ready when you are, for a discussion about how we can help.


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