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If you’ve been using an Identity and Access Management system for a while, it might be time for an upgrade or a tune-up.  Assertiv Consulting’s Identity Optimisation Service Offerings are designed to help organisations get the most out of their existing Identity systems.


Don't replace your existing Identity system if you don't need to. Optimising what you already have will deliver a much better return on investment.


Our Optimisation Service will help you identify any obvious weaknesses in your security design, as well as known vulnerabilities in your Identity software. We can then help you to fix it.


You've probably got a wishlist of things you want to do to improve your Identity system. We can help you to streamline and automate your Identity processes, onboard core business applications, and improve user provisioning processes.

Now is the right time to optimise your Identity and Access Management system – Your way

Is your Identity system working for you? Could a lack of performance and capability be leading to…

When identity processes are not optimised through automation, the result is costly manual workflows which are inefficient and error-prone. Most modern Identity systems include the ability to automate Identity related processes such as user provisioning, resetting passwords, or requesting access to resources. Assertiv Consulting can show you how to automate and optimise your manual processes.

As Identity systems age, they can become outdated and less reliable, resulting in frequest system outages. They can also incur higher maintenance and support costs due to the need for regular fixes and patches to function correctly. Over time, this can reduce system performance and add to the burden of maintaining a functioning Identity system for your organisation. Talk to Assertiv Consulting to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your Identity system and the potential optimisation strategies you could employ.

Gaining real-time visibility into the operation and performance of your Identity system is crucial to ensuring reliable availability and access for your business. Furthermore, being able to monitor secure access to your company resources and data is vital to maintaining the ongoing integrity of your systems. Conducting a system Health Check with Assertiv Consulting will help you understand how effectively your Identity system is operating in your environment and how it can better integrate with the other security controls you have in place.

Your Identity system can control a vast number of users across a wide range of business applications and technologies. As such, it underpins many of the crucial functions in the day-to-day operation of your business. Having confidence with your system’s ability to perform, when needed, is vital to the smooth operation of your business. If you don't have real-time visibility into how your Identity system is performing, you risk undermining confidence in you entire IT operation.  Conducting an Identity Health Check with Assertiv Consulting will help you understand how your Identity System is performing and how you can be more proactive in maintaining an acceptable level of system performance.

It's not uncommon for an organisation to struggle to find the specialist knowledge needed to operate and support their Identity system. This is often due to the prolonged use of outdated technology, along with staff turnover. With the rapid pace of change and evolving technology landscape, it is important to have partners who have access to subject matter experts who can advise and support you throughout the product technology lifecycle. That way you are not left compromised by an Identity system that no one knows how to effectively use or maintain.

Modern Identity systems offer a range of consumption and support models to suit every requirement and budget. If you are paying annual software maintenance and support fees and not getting much in return, there is a better way. Talk to Assertiv Consulting and we can show you how.

Interested in Optimising your Identity System?

Ready when you are, for a discussion about how we can help.

What is an Identity Optimisation Service?

The Assertiv Consulting Identity Optimisation Service is intended for organisations wishing to conduct a Health Check of their Identity and Access Management solution in order to verify and/or optimise it’s operational capability and system performance.


A Health Check report will provide you with an assessment of your current system’s operation and performance, as well as recommendations to remediate any identified issues, improve system performance and/or expand functionality based on additional business requirements or regulatory requirements.

Assertiv Consulting’s Expertise and Experience

As a highly regarded industry specialist, Assertiv Consulting is able to draw upon many years’ of experience designing, implementing and optimising Identity and Access Management systems to provide comprehensive system Health Checks, performance tuning, system upgrades and remediation services. 


Our Identity Consultants leverage the collective knowledge within our organisation to provide you with the best insights and practical recommendations regarding improvements to your Identity system, or identifying viable alternatives.


Assertiv Consulting has worked with many customers from a variety of industries including Financial Services, Government, Retail, Utilities, Higher Education, Telecommunications and others. Utilising our tried and tested Project Delivery Methodology, we take the complexity away from you, providing you an easy to read Identity Health Check report, and a recommendations roadmap. 


Beyond that, we are able to provide end-to-end project services, from planning and design, to deployment, training and support of the recommendations. Reach out for an obligation free discussion with one of our Consultants today.

What’s included in an Identity Optimisation Service Offering?

Identity Health Check to assess the current operational state and performance of the Identity system


Strategy and Planning to establish an optimisation plan based on the current system’s operational state and future requirements


Design (optional) based on the required remediation activities and/or expanded system features, a new or updated Solution Design can be produced

Implementation of system remediation activities, system upgrade, additional features, or migration to a new Identity system


Support Services through training and knowledge transfer, warranty support, change management and ad-hoc services to assist you with your evolving technology requirements


Other Identity Services you may wish to consider include Cloud Migration, Identity Optimisation or Identity Enhancement

Benefits of an Identity Optimisation Service

Ready when you are, for a discussion about how we can help.


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