Identity Enhancement

Are you satisfied with your current Identity and Access Management system, but you need to add additional functionality to meet the growing demands of the business? Assertiv Consulting’s Identity Enhancement Service Offering is designed to help you add incremental functionality to your existing Identity solution, without having to throw it out and start again.


Implement new features, security improvements and productivity enhancements by adding new features or integrating new products into your Identity system.


Continue to align your Identity solution with your organisation's strategic goals and business requirements, as they evolve.


Take advantage of enhanced security controls and governance capabilities to achieve regulatory and security compliance, by integrating industry leading capabilities.

Now is the right time to enhance your Identity and Access Management system – Your way

Is your Identity System failing to meet the growing demands of your business? Are you facing some of these challenges:

Assertiv Consulting can work with you to review your existing Identity System and make recommendations to enhance your current onboarding and offboarding solution.

Adding Identity Governance to your existing Identity system can help you with achieving regulatory compliance. Choosing the right Identity Governance solution will help you secure your organisation’s resources and data whilst complying with regulations.

Adding a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution streamlines the authentication process for your users, saving them time and reduces the chance of users being locked out of applications. With so many choices selecting the right solution for your business can be daunting. Assertiv Consulting can help develop and implement an SSO strategy designed for your business.

Adding Customer Identity Management could be the answer for an improved Customer online experience. Reduce registration friction and allow your customers to self-service their accounts.

Getting access to privileged user accounts has the biggest payoff for any attacker. Assertiv Consulting can advise you on the best solution to manage your privileged users and what they can access so you can reduce the risk of compromise and complement your existing Identity solution.

Adding an MFA solution fortifies your authentication process by adding an additional login factor on top of your username and password. Assertiv Consulting can help you select and implement the right MFA solution to protect your digital assets.

Adding Self-Service capabilities to your Identity system can speed up business operations and reduce calls to your Helpdesk. However, one size rarely fits all. Assertiv Consulting can assist you to understand your business needs and reduce risk by adding the right Self-Service capability to your Identity system.

Interested in Enhancing your Identity system?

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What is an Identity Enhancement Service?

Assertiv Consulting’s Identity Enhancement Services are designed to help organisations leverage their existing Identity solution to provide enhanced capabilities to their business community. This can be achieved by enabling existing capabilities within the current Identity system, adding additional modules to the current system, or where their current Identity product does not possess the capabilities required, integrating a third-party product to deliver the required enhancement to the Identity solution.

Identity Enhancement is typically required when additional requirements are identified that are outside the capabilities of the installed solution. For example, adding Identity Governance or Privileged Access Management to an existing Identity Management solution. The Identity Enhancement augments the existing functionality with additional add-on products, either from the same vendor or other recommended vendors that easily integrate with the incumbent Identity solution.

Assertiv Consulting’s Expertise and Experience

Stay ahead of the game: With a constantly evolving threat landscape and challenging regulatory requirements Assertiv Consulting provides Identity Enhancement consulting and technical services to allow customers to stay up-to-date with the latest Identity, Governance and Access Management technologies and meet business objectives of being agile and dynamic.

Best Practice: Assertiv Consulting develops best practices from numerous previous implementations and our tried and tested Project Delivery Methodology to accelerate your Identity Enhancement.

Business Transformation: Assertiv Consulting can help improve the  efficiency of your existing processes by identifying opportunities to streamline your identity lifecycle management.

Identity Management Expertise: Organisations rely on Assertiv Consulting for our identity expertise. We design and implement joint solutions with global technology leaders ensuring the  implementation of security best practices and an extensible platform that’s capable of supporting current and future  business requirements.


No matter where you are on your Identity journey, we can help you to leverage the latest Identity Management enhancements whilst addressing your specific business requirements, in the most cost effective manner. Reach out for an obligation free discussion with one of our Identity Consultants today.

What’s included in an Identity Enhancement Service Offering?

Identity Maturity Assessment (optional) to understand your current state and existing product capabilities


Strategy and Planning to examine your currently identity lifecycle processes and required enhancements


Design to align new system features back to business requirements, and produce a technical specification for implementation

Implementation and Testing of the chosen Identity enhancements into the existing Identity system


Ongoing Consultancy to support you with future technology requirements


Other Identity Modernisation services, such as Legacy Migration, Cloud Migration, Identity Governance or Identity Optimisation

Benefits of an Identity Enhancement Service

Ready when you are, for a discussion about how we can help.


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