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Assertiv Consulting’s Cloud Migration Service Offering helps organisations assess, plan and migrate their existing Identity systems to the cloud, without impacting their day-to-day business operations.


How can identity help your cloud migration?

How can migrating identity to the cloud help your organisation?


Choose from a variety of cloud-based consumption models including annual subscriptions or pay-as-you-go so that you only pay for the Identity services you consume, as you consume them.


Utilising the cloud to host and consume your Identity services provides more flexible options for your workers and allows you to easily add additional functionality to your system when you need it.


Whether you choose to host your own Identity system from the cloud, or subscribe to a Identity-as-a-Service solution, the cloud allows you to dynamically scale capacity and performance right when it's needed.

Why now is the right time to migrate your Identity and Access Management to the cloud – Your way

Are you thinking about migrating your Identity system to the cloud? If you are, here are a few things to consider

Assertiv Consulting can assist with moving your existing on-premises system to a cloud provider. However, there are many factors to consider when moving an on-premises system to the cloud, so make sure you get it right the first time.

Some Identity systems have been designed and built with a ‘cloud first’ strategy. Understand the benefits and other considerations to ensure a SaaS Identity solution is right for your business.

Running an Identity system outside of your datacentre introduces new problems to solve. Make sure your move to the cloud does not expose you to any new risks.

If your current system is purpose-built for an on-premises environment, and your software vendor has no plans to embrace cloud technologies, it might be time to consider some other options. Future-proof your Identity investment by making sure your chosen software vendor has the flexibility to adapt to a constantly changing technology landscape.

Moving to the cloud requires your team to adopt new skills to ensure all benefits are realised. Leverage Assertiv Consulting’s experience to take advantage of everything cloud has to offer.

Your Identity system is the engine room of your organisation, and making such a significant change can seem like a daunting task. Lean on Assertiv Consulting’s skills and experience in this area to make sure your transition to the cloud is smooth, and all your risks are accounted for.

Interested in Cloud Migration?

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What is an Identity Cloud Migration?

An Identity Cloud Migration is the process of transferring an existing on-premises Identity System into a public or private cloud environment. A Cloud Migration could also include either re-platforming an incumbent on-premises Identity System that supports a cloud-hosted environment or implementing a hybrid-cloud solution where some components run in the cloud and others components remain on-premises.

A Cloud Migration is suitable for organisations who have adopted a business-wide cloud strategy and are moving towards a cloud-only or hybrid-cloud operating model.

Not all Identity systems are capable of operating in the cloud, in which case organisations may choose to migrate to an Identity SaaS solution (IDaaS) or an Identity system that is designed to be hosted in a public or private cloud environment.

Assertiv Consulting’s Expertise and Experience

Assertiv Consulting has many years’ experience helping customers migrate their Identity systems to a variety of public and private cloud environments. Our Cloud Migration Service Offerings enable customers to move their Identity workloads to the cloud with confidence, leveraging our best practice approach and extensive support services. Whether you’re moving your existing Identity workloads or standing up a brand-new Identity system in the cloud, we have the real-world experience to help you get it done.

Assertiv Consulting has a range of experience across different cloud hosting providers, implementing large scale Identity systems for enterprise, education and government customers, incorporating complex detailed requirements and significant technical challenges.

Cloud Migration projects can be highly complex. Factoring in hybrid approaches such as extending internal networks, securing cloud-based identity endpoints and maintaining high availability are important to the operations of your business. At the same time, without careful planning, expected cost-savings may not be realised.


No matter where you are on your Cloud Migration journey, we can navigate you through the challenges and complexities of cloud infrastructure. Reach out to us and we’ll connect you with one of our Cloud Specialists for an obligation free discussion.

What’s included in an Identity Cloud Migration 

Service Offering?

Identity Maturity Assessment and detailed discovery to understand your current state, technical and business requirements, and assess the cloud suitability of the incumbent Identity system


Strategy and Planning to identify risks, gaps and create a Cloud Migration roadmap and Business Case


Design to align new system features back to technical and business requirements

Implementation of Cloud Identity solution, including migrating from the incumbent system or standing-up a new Identity solution in the cloud


Ongoing consultancy to support you with an ever changing technology landscape and evolving business requirements


Other Identity Modernisation services, you may wish to consider include Legacy Migration, Identity Optimisation or Identity Enhancement

Benefits of an Identity Cloud Migration

Ready when you are, for a discussion about how we can help.


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