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Assertiv Consulting has integrated two industry leading products, SailPoint IdentityNow (IDN) and Assertiv Single Sign-On (SSO), into an easy-to-use identity security cloud solution that gives you visibility and control over who can access what digital resources in your organsation. Users will also benefit from an integrated login feature that allows them to sign-on only once to access all of the integrated applications and data they need to do their job.

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features included in the Identity Security Platform  

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What’s included in the Identity Security Platform?

To maximise value and quickly address your most pressing security requirements, we have divided the Identity Security Platform solution into five separate modules that are fully inter-changeable.  You start with the User Provisioning Module, which also includes Single Sign-On, and then you can expand the functionality over time by adding any of the additional modules to your solution. You can choose to use just one module or all five – it’s completely up to you.


Each module includes product licenses (based on the number of active users), installation and configuration, training and documentation. Configuration services and training is limited to the capabilities available within each module purchased. To get started, choose Assertiv SSO + User Provisioning Module, and then add any of the additional modules below, depending on your identity security requirements.


Assertiv SSO

Assertiv enhances your IdentityNow experience by enabling Single Sign-On to your connected applications. Furthermore, features such as Passwordless login and a User Management come pre-packaged in Assertiv as part of the Identity Security Platform. 

User Provisioning Module

This module enables you to automate user account creation and provisioning so that users on Day One of their employment have access to the applications they need to do their jobs. You can also simplify the ongoing management of internal employees, contractors and partners, making it easier to securely grant or revoke access privileges to applications and data in a timely manner.

Access Request Module

The efficiency and security of your company depends on making sure your users quickly get access to the right applications and data to do their jobs. With the Access Request service, users can request access to company resources as needed, and requests can be reviewed and approved (or declined) by the resource owner. Once approved, access can be automatically provisioned without having to wait for any manual intervention.


Access Certification Module

When employees or contractors take on new responsibilities or change roles within the organisation, it can be a challenge to keep up with what additional applications and data they need access to, in order to do their job. The Access Certification module allows you to verify who has access to what digital resources, through a review and certification process. This is typically performed by a line manager or application owner at regular intervals to ensure that access is only granted to appropriate users.


Password Management Module

Many organisations struggle with the challenge of users forgetting their passwords, leading to increased security vulnerabilities and an added load on the internal IT Help Desk. The Password Management module frees up your IT Team by enabling a Self-Service Password Reset capability, so users can manage their own password resets whenever they need to. This improves overall user satisfaction and strengthens your organisation’s security through the continuous enforcement of password policies.

Separation-of-Duties Module

This module facilitates the separating of any critical or high-risk function into two or more functions, eg. raising a purchase order and paying an invoice using the same role, such the Finance Administrator role. It does this by creating a matrix of all the different types of access or power that people should not have in any combination. Then monitoring can be enabled to alert you if anyone ever gets one of those toxic combinations. Or you can set up proactive SoD policies so that no one employee is ever actually able to gain those two combinations of access.


Beginning with the User Provisioning Module, each module can be purchased separately for a fixed fee, which is dependant on the number of active users accessing the solution. Assertiv Consulting also include pre-defined implementation services, training and documentation for the solution – which is enough to get you up and running, and operating the system yourself. We can also provide ongoing support and additional configuration and integration services or a managed service option if required. Our goal is to get you to a point where you can be self-sufficent in using the modules you have chosen, and if you require additional modules in the future, we can help you plan and implement those when you are ready.

Get a tailored, obligation
free quote for the
Identity Security Platform

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challenges in your business.

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