IdentityNow with Single 

Sign-On (SSO) Package

Assertiv brings Access Management to Identity Governance with our seamless IdentityNow integration and delivery bundle.

Assertiv Consulting are offering a full implementation of the SailPoint Solution with SSO delivered by our experienced services team.

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Enable seamless
Identity Governance
with Single Sign-On

using SailPoint + Assertiv.

What is the IdentityNow with SSO Package?

The IdentityNow with SSO package enables users to login to their work environment once (Single Sign-On) to gain access to all the applications and resources they need, which have been automatically allocated to them based on their job role and manager’s approval (Identity Governance).


We have partnered with SailPoint to integrate the Assertiv Single Sign-On platform with the SailPoint IdentityNow platform to provide organisations a solution that brings Access Management together with Identity Governance.


Assertiv Consulting are offering a complete package which includes a subscription license, implementation of SailPoint IdentityNow, integration of Single Sign-On and a baseline configuration to allow organisations to quickly get the benefits of Identity Governance.

Our Identity Governance package has been designed to provide the best return on investment by including optional modules that we believe offer the most value for the majority of organisations, and streamlining the delivery of the implementation to acheive a fast time to market.

This begins with our “Foundation” package which includes:

Get 3 Additional SSO Apps - Free!

Register for more information now to take advantage of onboarding an additional 3 Single Sign-On (SSO) applications, at no additional cost.
Limited time only.


In addition to the Foundation Package, we offer a number of optional packages that can be added to provide additional features of Identity Governance for those companies that want to take their digital transformation program to the next level:

Access Certifications and Separation of Duties

By adding controls over who has access to what through a review process and enforcement of Separation of Duties (SoD) constraints, you create a more secure and compliant organisation. SailPoint IdentityNow Access Certification addresses audit and security control challenges by automating the entire access review and audit process. By establishing repeatable practices, you’ll save time and money, reduce the burden on your IT and business staff, and strengthen your audit and security controls. The SoD module adds to this by enforcing consistent policies and providing security alerts and discovery of potential conflicts of interest.

This option includes everything an organisation needs to start executing certification campaigns to ensure appropriate and timely reviews and sign-offs, and an initial set of Sepration of Duties policies that you can build on:

Access Requests

The efficiency and security of your company depends on making sure your users quickly get access to the right applications and data to do their jobs. With the Access Request service, you can design controls that determine what resource request options are available to your users and how those requests are reviewed and granted, and by whom.


With this option added to your bundle, we will provide:

Password Management

Many organisations struggle with the challenge of users forgetting their passwords, leading to increased security vulnerabilities and added load on the IT Help Desk.


The SailPoint IdentityNow Password module frees up your IT Team by enabling Self-Service Password Reset, so users can manage their own password resets whenever they need to. This improves overall user satisfaction and strengthens your organisation’s security through the continuous enforcement of password policies.


When you add this option to your bundle, we will provide:

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