Rapid Application Onboarding

Integrating applications into your identity management & single sign-on systems allows you to extend the functionality and security of your Identity system, whilst also providing a much better user experience for your workforce.

How it works

Once you’ve integrated an application with your Identity system, you can…

Now is the best time to onboard your apps to your identity system…

Are you interested in integrating your business applications with your Identity system? If you are, here are a few things to consider.

Onboarding an application can take many forms and offer many benefits. From auto-provisioning user accounts to an application, to enabling single sign-on and access governance capabilities. Unless you are using the right features of your Identity system, you may miss out on opportunities to onboard applications in the most efficient way. Speak to Assertiv Consulting about the best way to onboard your applications with your Identity System.

There are many ways to integrate an application to an Identity System, whether through single sign-on or identity provisioning technology. Speak to us to understand what options are available to you.

Many legacy applications do not have the features for easily integrating with Identity Systems, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be onboarded. Speak to Assertiv Consulting to learn more about onboarding those ‘tough’ apps.

Assertiv Consulting have the skills and experience to work with your business to facilitate the end-to-end onboarding of applications. Our project management and technical delivery teams are ready to work with you and do the heavy lifting to get the results you need.

Interested in Onboarding your Applications?

Ready when you are, for a discussion about how we can help.

What is Rapid Application Onboarding?

Assertiv Consulting has developed a streamlined rapid process to integrate an organisation’s applications into any of their Identity ecosystems; be it an Identity Management, Identity Governance and/or Access Management System. Depending on the underlying technology embedded in the application, and whether it is hosted on-premises or in the cloud, our rapid onboarding processes can be utilised to reduce the amount of time needed to integrate the application into the Identity System. 

Whether you are introducing just one new application into the business or are looking to integrate tens or hundreds of applications, Assertiv Consulting can categorise the complexity of the applications and provide certainty around the amount of effort and cost to deliver the outcomes you need.

Assertiv Consulting’s Expertise and Experience

Assertiv Consulting provides Rapid Application Onboarding services to integrate your applications with your Identity System securely and efficiently. Working closely with our customers, we identify the fastest path to integration and highlight potential challenges. This approach ensures that we can address problems before they become road-blocks, and give you confidence that your project will be a success.


We have worked with many clients from various industries using our tried and tested Project Delivery Methodology. Using this methodical approach, we have implemented a wide range of applications through careful planning and execution.


We remove the complexities of integrating new apps using clearly articulated designs and a straightforward implementation path.

Whether you have one application to onboard, or a full complement of applications, we can help you plan and execute a successful project from start to finish. Reach out for an obligation free discussion with one of our team today.

What’s included in a Rapid Application Onboarding Service Offering?

Identity Maturity Assessment to understand the Application Onboarding capabilities of your Identity System

Strategy and Planning to investigate and categorise how your apps will be integrated with your Identity System

Design to create a specification for each type of application onboarding e.g. user provisioning, single sign-on, etc.

Onboarding  of apps into your Identity System, whilst maintainin

Ongoing Consultancy to support you with onboarding new apps and helping your streamline your onboarding processes

Ready when you are, for a discussion about how we can help.


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