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WSO2: How Open-Source Can Power Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) in Your Business

If there was an open-source Identity product on the market that could meet all your business requirements, would you consider it? This article looks at the WSO2 Identity Server and how it can save significant cost on software licensing whilst offering a compelling enterprise solution that forms just part of a larger, exciting WSO2 product suite.

Let’s face it, enterprise Identity and Access Management has always been the realm of large proprietary software companies. Whilst we aren’t challenging the quality of the solutions on the market, there’s no escaping the price tag that often comes with them.

WSO2 presents a unique offering where the focus is on enterprise support rather than software licensing. When customers succeed, WSO2 succeeds, this mutual benefit provides synergy between customer and vendor that is sometimes lacking elsewhere.


A recent Forrester report highlighted that the WSO2 Identity Server provides impressive benefits to customers:

  • 332% Return on Investment (over 3 years)
  • $4.51M Benefits over 3 years
    • 12 weeks faster time to market
    • 60% reduction in development effort around integrations
    • Reduction in identity related downtime
    • Reduction in identity management development and support tasks

Product Capability

The WSO2 Identity Server is a feature rich, cloud-ready product that competes aggressively with major players in the Customer Identity and Access Management market. It includes a fully open-source Identity Server and a comprehensive integration platform, including API management and analytics. WSO2 implements Open Standards throughout the product which remedies the archaic concept of vendor lock-in.  Some of the high-level features of the WSO2 Identity Server include:

  • Single Sign-On
  • Identity Federation
  • Multi-Factor and Adaptive Authentication
  • Passwordless Login
  • Privacy & Consent Management
  • Customer Self-Care Portal
  • API Security
  • User Management
  • Advanced Access Control

Industry Recognition and Customers

In enterprise IT there is an inherent fear of walking the path least traveled. For good reason as well, everyone wants to back a winner. Fortunately, WSO2 is not new to the enterprise game, having industry recognition from both Forrester (Strong Performer) and Kuppingercole (Overall Leader) in Customer Identity. WSO2 also powers Customer Identity for some of the biggest companies in Australia and internationally, such as QANTAS, Telstra, Australian Catholic University and many financial institutions via its Open Banking solution.

Training & Certification Programs

Having seen the WSO2 training material firsthand, attention to detail and ease of access are clearly a priority. Training is primarily delivered via On-Demand videos with the option for instructor lead courses available. Where many vendors have a clunky approach to self-service training, WSO2 make training a seamless part of their offering.

Certification paths for the WSO2 product suite is also available to validate and verify skills after completing the training and mastering the products.

Asia-Pacific Presence

You may be hearing about WSO2 for the first time, possibly by reading this article. For good reason as well, whilst WSO2 have been well established in the APAC region for the last 6 years, only recently have WSO2 made their presence really felt through strong marketing and brand awareness. WSO2 have a strong, growing local team and have recently partnered with Assertiv Consulting to provide a deep technical capability and end-to-end solution delivery. Whilst their humble image as quiet achievers has served themselves and customers well, it’s time to take their offering to the next level.

WSO2 is an essential inclusion when considering solutions for Identity challenges. With a massive developer community driving bleeding edge capability, attention to quality and peace of mind through world class support, WSO2 can deliver critical cost saving capability whilst also meeting your compliance needs.

In upcoming articles you’ll learn more about the WSO2 Identity Server, showcasing why this product can solve complex identity challenges whilst putting downward pressure on cost. If you’re considering WSO2 or how to provide your customers with a positive Customer Identity experience, let us help you by getting in touch today.

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