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Introducing Microsoft Teams and Slack to IdentityNow Access Requests. What You Need to Know.

SailPoint IdentityNow is the market-leading SaaS solution for Identity Governance and Administration. This blog will discuss one of the latest features of IdentityNow: Slack and Microsoft Teams Integration.

Implementing an Identity Governance and Administration program within your business has moved from a “should-have” to a “must-have” in most industries. The challenge that some businesses face is getting participation from staff. This article isn’t here to debate if this occurs but attempts to provide another tool for your business to increase the chances of staff participation in your identity program.

Lack of participation in programs can occur due to a multitude of reasons. One of these we hear occasionally is “it’s yet another system to learn” or “it takes me away from what I’m doing”. While none of these are acceptable reasons to not engage in a program clearly so important to your business, they are pain-points that need to be acknowledged. They also represent road-blocks that can be removed. Enter IdentityNow’s Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations.

How SailPoint IdentityNow can help

With the introduction of IdentityNow’s Slack and Microsoft Teams integration your staff can now easily request roles and applications from within Slack or Teams. Requesting access, approvals and rejections can be performed from within the applications with ease.

Approvers are notified in real-time within Slack or Teams, with comments included to better inform decision makers. Meaning your staff can continue to operate efficiently and effectively within applications they’re comfortable with using.

Users can now get the access they need to stay productive, from the tool they use the most, all while maintaining strict governance and compliance controls. Most importantly of all, they can do it securely.

How it works

The great news is this couldn’t be simpler from a user’s perspective. A request is made for the application or role as seen below.

Figure 1 - Slack Request for Application or Role
Figure 1 – Slack Request for Application or Role
Figure 2 – Teams request for application or role

Depending on the setup of IdentityNow, requests can be made by an individual for themselves, or on behalf-of others. In addition to this, comments can be required at the point of request, approval, or rejection. Imagine you’ve just got some extra help from another team for an upcoming project, you can easily request access to your project management software from within Teams and Slack.

Once the request has been submitted a notification is sent to the approving individual or governance group to action as seen below.

Figure 3 – Example request in Teams
Figure 4 – Example request in Slack

Once an approver responds to a request, the requester is notified of the decision. If approved, IdentityNow will take care of assigning the new permissions to your identity.

Why is this important?

The Slack and Teams Integrations solve significant problems by:

  • Enabling staff to participate in your identity program with minimal adjustment to their day-to-day.
  • Faster response times to action requests and approvals.
  • Reduced training requirements for IdentityNow.

What’s Next?

If you can see how these integrations could improve workflows and productivity in your business, reach out. Assertiv Consulting are industry-leading specialists in SailPoint IdentityNow and are always happy to have an obligation-free discussion about your business needs.

Nick is a Certified SailPoint IdentityNow Engineer & Partner Trainer with Assertiv Consulting 

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