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React to Identity Events in Real-time with SailPoint IdentityNow

SailPoint IdentityNow is the market-leading SaaS solution for Identity Governance and Administration. This blog discusses one of the latest features of IdentityNow: Event Triggers for Identity Automation 

When it comes to identity workflows, it’s hard to keep all stakeholders happy. A workflow usually automates business processes, and as an organisation, you often have quite specific requirements to meet. Due to the configuration-over-customisation approach of SaaS, cloud-based Identity platforms can sometimes have a hard time adapting to these unique ideas. This issue can be a significant turn-off as the necessity to build specific workflows can outweigh the benefits of a cloud-based identity solution. The alternative is a heavy-weight, highly customised on-premise solution.   

SailPoint’s new Event Trigger System in IdentityNow introduces a flexible set of new features not often attributed to an out-of-box SaaS platform. These features allow for a significant expansion of workflow options that can increase the speed and security of identity related processes, as well as automate various functions previously performed manually by your HR and IT teams.  

How does it work? 

The system offers an extensive list of event triggers that can communicate to third-party applications such as SAP, ServiceNow and Slack via webhooks when certain conditions are met. This presents many opportunities in developing solutions for a range of use cases.  

  • Automatically triggering an access review when an identity is granted privileged access, or when a change in job function is identified 
  • Sending notifications via SMS or email when a specific attribute or entitlement changes 
  • Updating network monitoring systems regarding the health of IdentityNow appliances 
  • Detecting unexpected results in scheduled reports 

This is just a small list of potential uses for Event Triggers. Assertiv Consulting can help analyse your business requirements and determine how this feature can best support your identity governance needs.  

What are the benefits of this new feature?  

Event Triggers deliver very important capabilities to IdentityNow, allowing your investment in SailPoint to move and adapt at the speed of your business. While IdentityNow already caters for a comprehensive list of your businesses identity governance needs, the new Event Trigger System allows for the incorporation of the necessary workflows unique to your business.  

  • Custom processes beyond those considered out-of-box 
  • Faster delivery of notifications 
  • Enabling more automation of identity and access processes 
  • Ability to introduce more depth to an organisation’s identity security 

What’s next?  

The extensive list of available triggers already handles an impressive range of identity events but is expected to expand to cater for additional requirements in the near future.  

Are you ready to take identity automation to the next level? Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact the Assertiv Consulting team for an obligation free discussion.  

Matthew Hunt is a Certified SailPoint IdentityNow Engineer with Assertiv Consulting 


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