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Taking the Pain out of Contractor Access Management

SailPoint IdentityNow is the market-leading SaaS solution for Identity Governance and Administration. This blog will discuss one of the latest features of IdentityNow: Non-Employee Lifecycle Management

Dealing with contractors can be a downright nightmare, nothing personal of course, I’m talking about onboarding, offboarding and managing their access. Supplementing your team with a contractor workforce shouldn’t come at the expense of security. Ideally, it shouldn’t cause you or your team headaches either.

The reality of utilising contractors, interns, consultants, vendors or other non-employees (we’ll refer to them all as “Non-Employee Staff”), is that they are typically treated differently to regular employees. Whether it’s onboarding, offboarding or access governance processes. In many cases they aren’t being managed by your HR system.

If your business is not able to easily onboard Non-Employees, or grant, revoke and review their access; then the good news is, IdentityNow can help.

How SailPoint IdentityNow can help  

IdentityNow’s Non-Employee Lifecycle Management (NELM) allows you to create, onboard and manage your Non-Employee workforce directly within the platform. Now all types of staff in your business can receive the benefits of IdentityNow.

No more messy and insecure management processes. The real bonus is your staff don’t need to be technical to use it. NELM is fronted by a user-friendly web interface for easy management of Non-Employee Staff.

With NELM you can govern Non-Employee access from day one, to the day they leave the business. NELM allows Non-Employee Staff to access your business applications and data in line with compliance requirements.

How it works

When a new Non-Employee Staff member is hired, a user or group in your business enters their details including start-date and end-date, job role, comments about the hire, and any other custom fields needed. This group could be heads-of-department, executive assistants or any other logical grouping that works for your business. The request can optionally go to a reviewer – HR Team or similar – for approval. Once this is done the account is automatically created and access is granted.

Now our new Non-Employee Staff member is a governed identity.

You can review, request or remove access on their behalf, adjust their end-dates if the contract gets extended or shortened, and much more. You now have the auditable control and visibility to confidently manage all types of staff across the business.

Why is this important?

With NELM you’re able to solve significant challenges by:

  • Standardising and automating onboarding of Non-Employee Staff
  • Automatically disabling and revoking access at end of contract periods
  • Govern access to business applications
  • Align existing staff management processes to contractors

What’s next?

Managing Non-Employee Staff doesn’t need to be a headache. It doesn’t need to be a security risk. It also doesn’t need to mean that you lose control. NELM complements your existing staff management processes and seamlessly fits into IdentityNow for ease of use.

If you’re interested in simplifying, automating and streamlining Non-Employee management, get in touch. Assertiv Consulting are industry-leading specialists in SailPoint IdentityNow and are always happy to have an obligation-free discussion about your business needs.


Nick is a Certified SailPoint Engineer and Training Instructor with Assertiv Consulting.


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