Identity Modernisation in 20212

Why Identity Modernisation Cannot Be Ignored

In our modern technology landscape, identity is core to almost every transaction we make. Businesses need to accurately identify, authenticate and authorize both employees and customers to ensure data and processes are not compromised.

When analysis is performed on security breaches, it’s highlighted that far more could have been done to prevent the exposure. In most cases security breaches are preventable. However, organizations become complacent, allowing existing legacy systems to shoulder the burden of the most critical responsibilities.

In this article, we are going to look at different areas of Identity Modernisation and why they cannot be ignored.

Legacy Migration

Many large enterprises have made an investment into an Identity system at some point in the past. In the early 2000’s, there was a big push towards rudimentary identity synchronization and faux-single sign-on systems (meaning, open standards weren’t well adopted, so a lot of custom scripting was needed). This lead to a rapid uptake in this technology. A lot of these systems are still in operation today, but over time these systems have grown out-dated, have fallen out of maintenance, and usually become the ‘box in the corner’. The business knows it’s doing something, but are too scared to turn it off, or change anything, out of fear of unknown repercussions.

The main problem is that identity technology has progressed significantly since then, and advancements are occurring annually. Whether it’s adoption of modern standards, or implementing new capabilities such as identity governance or passwordless login, it becomes a serious hurdle when you’re anchored to a legacy system.

Legacy Migration is the transition from your old, existing identity system, to a modern solution which is fit-for-purpose with your needs. This includes the analysis of your existing solution and identifying key requirements to your business. A migration plan from a legacy solution to a modern solution is proposed and subsequently implemented. This end-to-end process minimizes risk and brings peace of mind by removing the chains tying you to your out-dated system.

Can you relate to any of these problems? Learn more about Legacy Migration here.

Cloud Migration

With the explosion of cloud adoption over the last decade, businesses have learned that huge cost savings can be made by moving workloads out of their on-premise data centres.

Fortunately there are a lot of options for organizations who are looking to move their Identity System to the cloud. Whether it’s a lift-and-shift of their current system, or moving towards a Software-as-a-Service identity offering, having a knowledgeable partner help you navigate obstacles will provide peace of mind.

Many of Assertiv Consulting’s Identity Projects are oriented around cloud environments, learn more about how we can help you move your identity infrastructure to the cloud.

Identity Optimisation

Many organizations have existing Identity Systems in place which have been running in the business for a long time. With changes in strategic direction, turnover of staff or addition of tactical fixes, this system may not be getting the support it needs to run optimally for today and into the future.

A health check on your Identity System allows you to identify the gaps, whether it’s security or function based. This leads into a clear strategy to bring you up to today’s standard without a complete overhaul or replacement of the investment that has already been made.

Identity Optimisation covers health check, strategy planning and implementation of recommendations to bring you to a supported level. Find out how Assertiv Consulting can help get you to where you need to be with Identity Optimisation.

Identity Enhancement

Are you already on a modern Identity System? That’s great! A lot of benefits can be realised on a system that is up-to-date and well supported. The next step in the journey on an existing system is Identity Enhancement.

This allows you to get the most out of your existing solution. There is a lot of unrealised capability in many of the top-tier Identity systems. This could be (but is not limited to):

  • Implementing strong and intelligent authentication processes
  • AI powered identity governance
  • Intelligent reporting on identity events

Identity Enhancement can be used to meet regulatory compliance requirements or simply improving your end user experience.

Have a look at our deep dive on Identity Enhancement to find out more.


There is not one single approach to solving organization identity challenges. Assertiv Consulting have tailored these approaches based on our experience working with customers of different sizes and industries. Our tried-and-tested methodology ensures a high-value, low-overhead outcome is delivered to get you running at the highest level of efficiency possible.

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